I say, you say

I was listening to Dave Matthews Band earlier today.

Not a big deal right?

The reality of it is that I hate DMB or so I think/thought/thunk/chipmunk.

Two Step came on while I was listening to the Dispatch station on LastFM today.  Stylistically this made sense. Similar music. Barefoot dance-ablity since there are just some music that makes you want to crazy dance sans shoes right? Same is not most of the same means it SHOULD be something that I don’t grr at when it is playing unless it is Rush which I just can’t stand. I even remembered dancing to that song back in high school. While I HAVE danced to music I wasn’t thrilled with this isn’t being forced to listen to country music at junior high dances so we’d stop trying doing the 13 yr old version of a mosh pit, I honestly was having a good time or so I remember.

Time to put on the chipmunk thinking cap. It wasn’t the music. It was the association. While DMB wasn’ the most amazing thing ever to me, the people who thought the band could walk on water drove me batty. DMB = annoying people to me though Nirvana probably = the same for them. The thought altered my liking of the band. Strange but true.

I was thinking of various other weird associations or rather ones that don’t make as much sense now that I am supposed to be a grownup older.

Here’s the list of some things that came to mind.

  • Banana Now & Laters creeped me out for years due to choking on one as a kid. Luckily I was able to cough enough to be ok. Other flavors didn’t creeped me out. It was just banana.
  • Darth Husband’s actual name was the same as a kid I couldn’t stand in grade school. This kid was a mean short  weasely kid with steps shaved into the side of his blonde spikey hair AND a tail. It was the 80s so that meant coooooool. He was still mean so that name immediately made “mean weasely kid” come to mind for a long time.
  • Jazz music makes me think of the dentist since that was played for years. Then the station wouldn’t come in without cutting in and out and happily another one is now played.
  • Cauliflower smells like feet. Maybe not to others but I think it smells like stinky socks.

Do you have any associations that someone might think of as funny/strange/weird?



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