Barefoot dancing

Last night Nixmusic (aka that friend from high school who comes for knit nights) and I went to see Dispatch at Millennium Park.  This was my first time seeing an actual concert at the Pritzker Pavillion. (For those who were wandering w me the Sat morning of HLS 2010, this is where they were doing tai chi/yoga/something w a decent flow.) I had wandering near it but never actually sat IN it.

While she was the bigger fan of the band, I had the combo of “knowing a few of their songs” meets “like their style” with a side of “oh lets check out more online.”  I knew I wouldn’t be dissappointed and that overall it’d be a fun time since I realized my less than thrilled state regarding any band with a jam band reference was due to past jam band fans that I just didn’t like as people rather than the acutal music. Plus I always enjoy going to shows with someone I know is going to dance and have a good time. Then I’m not the only crazy lady rocking out.

If you have been to a 311 show, a good amount the crowd had a similar vibe for part as well as another part that had that particular smell you find at a 311 show = YUCK  and was that laid back everyone have a good time mellow vibe.  You could tell the people who came straight from work and were still in nylons (huh???) even with the 90+ heat as well.  I was smart and opted for the long sundress style dress that works well in the heat. No sticky super tight clothes for me though there were too many wtf moments of girls in second skin that I was surprised didn’t pass out.

Overall it was a great show and the venue had great acoustics. The best part of the show was that they played for OVER TWO HOURS!  We danced about 98% of it after getting up when the first song started. 

I am definitely counting that as cardio.

Oh and I found a concert shirt on the street on the way to the L!  Score!


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