Reality check: Yoga edition

In case anyone was looking for this yesterday,  post ended up delayed due to a busy day. Dentist trip incl drilling (YUCK hot tooth smell!) and having 1/2 a numb jaw for hours where it was weird to put on lipgloss, visit w my mom & gram, trip to let’s-spend-2-hours-wandering-land Hobby Lobby w my mom (MMMMMMM Hobbbyyyy Lobbbyyy), and a friend’s 30th birthday BBQ/party.

Friday ended up being yard day.  I was able to spend the day home and work on and off rather than attacking it while the mosquitos attack me for a small amount of time in the evening.  It was hot to the point where everything started sticking to my legs but I played it safe with lots of water breaks and being inside to eat during the midday sun. Overall a good section of the yard was weeded and we are one step closer the goal of getting everything the way we want it to be… for now. (Yard/gardens are always a changing thing for me at least…oooh pretty flowers! OOOH lawn GNOME!)

Once I was done working in the yard but still all hot/sweaty/stinky/gross, I figured why not take the opp to work out a bit before cleaning up. The first plan was to do the kettlebell DVD but after sitting down a few minutes with yet another glass of water, it didn’t seem so appealing. Then that quasi-guilt/quasi-wtf kicked in. I was worn out but not that worn out.  I had a crazy busy day planned for the following day and didn’t need or want a migraine.  Then I decided to just shut up the inner dialogue and do SOMETHING.

I had the time and energy as well as the house to myself as long as the dogs weren’t in my way.  If  I didn’t take the opportunity, I wasn’t going to allow myself to complain about whatever aggravating weight/body image thing that decided to plague me.  If I didn’t do something it was my fault and so I did something.

I decided that yoga would be the best idea. Figuring being hunched over/stretched out funny pulling weeds would possible lead to my body revolting somehow the next day. Yoga stretching should help at least somewhat as long as I chose to do a mellow version of it. I decided to try the Crunch: Candlelight Yoga that I recently added to my Netflix cue once I managed to get Molly trying to do her version of downward dog off my yoga mat.  I like yoga of the more mellower style and so it was a perfect fit.

Sort of.

Yoga had been a class that I had taken on and off for a good number of years. I don’t like hot temperatures or hanging upside down from fabric which brings back bad memories of wall climbing in high school so they have all be pretty plain jane style but it works for me. Due to financial reasons, I had to cut all of my group classes.  Rather than putting on the DVDs or dragging out the old yoga book given to my by my mom ages ago (hers from the 70s) and doing something on my own, I did nothing. I was stressed and aggravated and pretty much every other result of the changes that we had to deal with. I walked. I read. I did other things to deal with what was going on but I didn’t go back to yoga.

So when I started up the “DVD” (in quotes since it was streaming – we only have that option,)  I got a reality check. My flexibility that I had was totally shot. Before it wasn’t that great anymore but something was there. Not. Happy.  I was the person who could do a good number of the crazy twists and scare friends in high school and balances like doing random tree poses at whatever moments  and there I was wobbling barely managing a downward dog. Not. Cool.  I pretty much made myself keep up with it rather than becoming aggravated (opposite of the goal of mellowing out) and finished the routine.

I am planning to do this routine more to slowly get back to where I was before  or at least not do a wobbledog.  I know it won’t be overnight as is any change. (I always remember someone talking about weight loss. She said it didn’t take her a week (or some other short amount of time, can’t remember exactly but the main point) to put the weight on and so it wasn’t going to take that short of time to take it off. 

I know this isn’t technically about weight loss but it makes sense.  I want to get back into a better routine to help me feel better. The feeling better will also come with the better health and as a result back to my happy weight. (But that’s a topic for another day.)

Have you recently had a fitness related reality check?


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