Step away from the stand mixer*

I have always found wedding planning interesting. Since it technically is wedding season (I include technically since I am basing this on the fact that I was married in the winter. We were told that this was the case and so the general costs were not insanely overpriced less.) I thought why not something a little ranty different. 

I personally stuck with the low key and very DIY. I had very few freakouts though the one when the person who was supposed to make my dress backed out was warranted for a short 4 month engagement though people did ask if I was pregnant which was just plain rude and no I was not. Perhaps I will write a more “how I planned a wedding for approx 100 people without breaking the bank and still had a Caddy rented for the weekend” post in the future.

The item in question tonight however is what I’ve seen done in two ways: crazy wacky are-you-fricken-kidding-me and ok-that-makes-sense. Dress? Flowers? Invitations? Nope, the registry.

When we registered we didn’t ask for anything too crazy cost wise and anything that was more expensive was either a large set or a better name brand item.  We are more of a “buffet style/potluck/grab a plate and find a space at the kitchen table or elsewhere” household and don’t have a dining room (though space if we ever do want a large table) so fancy china wasn’t a match for us. I’ve seen registries with china that cost several thousand dollars and could have bought a decent used car and single glasses that cost three times more than all my wine glasses together as a set.

What do you do if something breaks? Grimace and bear it? Flip out and start screaming? Insist the breaker buy you another one? Maybe I’m just overthinking it a bit but when it happens here I always ask if the person is ok and say not to worry about it. True if it was something that was a fav/had for a long time/hard to replace I’d be a bit (or quite a bit) upset even if I broke it like the time the big Corning Ware slid out of the cabinet, bounced off my food and shattered.

I wonder too if there are outside factors influences what goes on there – parents, other family members, friends, peers, society, “those people” who say you need things. Having a nice serving bowl because you grew up with one makes sense but what rationale comes with purchasing a $30 butter dish when we registered for one similar for under $10? Ditto for the uber expensive (yes I just said uber) vases/crystal bowl things that wouldn’t work for us unless I want to keep them in bubble wrap due to the cats.  I know there is that “because I want it” element but when does that cross the line from expensive to crazy bride/groomzilla needs to get his/her head checked.

* The only reason I used hand mixer was due to it being one of the most expensive items on our registry. Someday the red KitchenAid standup mixer will be mine.

So what are your thoughts on registries? If you are married/are engaged what has influence what you included? What are some wacky things you have seen?


4 thoughts on “Step away from the stand mixer*

  1. Not engaged yet, but I laughed at my friends who were living together already ( a year)…they asked for Sponge Bob slippers as a gift. I just laughed and went with the toaster on the list.

  2. Registries are a tricky beast. My brother and Nicki had a really hard time. They didn’t feel like regesitering for kitchen stuff was necessary as they already had most of it, but that left them with brely enough items. Of course, I’m of the belief there is no such thing as too many kitchen gadgets so I don’t expect I’ll have that problem!

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to put expensive items – such as a KitchenAid stand mixer or even a quality vacuum – on your registry, but I do think it’s important to strike a balance between expensive (without being over the top) and inexpensive items. I think you can add expensive items – such as a KitchenAid stand mixer – without looking like an a*hole because people can always go in on them together. Unless you’re having one of these massive invite everyone you and your parents and your dog have ever known weddings, your guests probaby know you well enought to understand your tastes and expectations. So putting expensive items on a registry doesn’t necessarily scream I’m greedy buy me fancy things.

    I really love the bored games idea, too!

  3. We had a lot of “normal” stuff on our registry.
    We also had 8 settings of Fiesta dishes (white and plum), which I informed my now-husband-then-boyfriend were a requirement for my adult life shortly after we started dating.
    And, for a decent period of time, we had an Xbox on our registry. No one bought it for us though.

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