Hug the ones you love

This morning I had an entirely different plan for a post.  Then I read Caitlin’s post about her neighbor and everything changed. First and foremost the response of the blogging community and the community in general who are helping  Tonya and her family is amazing. I, too, plan to donate in the future.

I took a few extra moments to look at Darth Husband across the dinner table tonight and think about how valuable even simple moments like this truly are.  This past year in the CSYA household has had some hard moments – the year mark of the passing of The BFFs mom as well as the sudden passing of my FiL. You never know what can happen in a split second that can alter your life. I cannot even imagine a spouse/partner being the person in that situation.

Their entire family will be in my prayers and I will be sending good energy into the universe for them as well.

To make a direct donation (though you really should read Caitlin’s post – be warned if you too are a crier)


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