Lazy box meal

I lovingly call frozen dinners “lazy box meals” especially since that is what they are meals in a box when I am too tired/out of it/lazy to make something else. Are they the best for me? No. Should I realistically stop and take the time to set something up? Definitely. Can I make better choices on the LBMs that are ACTUALLY purchased? Of course.

A ways back I started paying more attention to the nutritional content of frozen meals. It was a combination of generally wanting to make better choices as well as figuring out if there was a food trigger for my migraines.

I learned a few things:

  • calorie counts on some of these were insane
  • sodium counts on some of these were even more insane
  • processed food in combination with other things was indeed a migraine trigger

It made me rethink the ease of convenience vs what it was doing to me.  At the time I wasn’t calorie counting but it still caused a wtf moment. Ditto with the sodium. (It also explained why I felt like the Stay Puff Marshmallow (wo)man.) True this meant I could sit around do nothing watch more bad reality tv  get more things done but it really wasn’t helping me in the long run.

I did the progression of trying various reduced/low/weight/”diet” versions.  I wasn’t trying to lose weight via them but more so get a better option. Some tasted good. Some wrecked havoc on my digestive system. (It happens.) Some tasted like nothing spectacular. Some made me still hungry later. It works wonders for others. For me, I was spending money on something that would lead me to stop for fast food/raid the pantry later. I stuck to getting what was on sale for the most part.

Bad idea.

For the most part.

Why not try something OFF sale/priced within reason instead?


I ended up getting a few of the Kashi frozen meals (bought w my own money – no coupon – no company promo) when I was at Target yesterday. (Oh Target, how I LOVE thee!) They weren’t on my list (but that never only ends up being the case.) I bought them a ways back to have some backups.  I thought though that they were “too expensive.”  Oops. WRONG.

Is that always the best option? No. Is it a better way IMO for purchased frozen stuff when homemade stuff isn’t frozen and given enough time to semi defrost. Definitely.


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