Short skirt, WINTER* jacket

I have had Cake stuck in my head for a good chunk of the day today. I am normally not a huge Cake fan but when the song fits, play it (or just hum it offkey over and over again.)

It was a high of 50 today. FIFTY in MAY almost JUNE. Every time  I got blasted by the wind I “eeked.” Then I would think of how it is supposed to be in the 80s this weekend. Chicago area weather is known for changing quite a bit but 30 degree change is a bit wacky. It is like Mother Nature is channeling her inner 3 yr old who wants to wear a tutu one day, corduroy overalls the next and finish up in a party dress with a pair of snowboots.

I am hoping to be able to be outside – grill, play bags, walk the dogs, and/or work in the yard this holiday weekend.  Hopefully, I won’t need a parka.

Is the weather acting unexpectedly by you?
Do you have outdoor holiday weekend plans?

*not quite winter coat but warmer than I have been wearing before


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