Round two… DING!

Well, this is technically the third version of Can’t Survive on Yarn Alone.

The first version was set up and only existed for a very short period of time. Why? I thought that people wouldn’t care about someone talking about food since there were already “a ton” of other people doing it.  I made ugly food (still do but it DOES taste good) and didn’t understand some key elements of food based photography(my rule of thumb now is take a ton even if you aren’t looking to see what you are taking.) I was out of my comfort zone so I deleted the posts and let the account sit there.

The second version was started and has grown to over 200 posts. Are there others who can post that in a month? Of course. Am I proud of my little blog that could? DEFINITELY!  Have I “outgrown” it? I think so.

I know what at least one of you is thinking “Outgrown? 200 post does seem like being outgrown? She’s only had that blog a little over a year?” True. I have outgrown the mental box I’ve created for myself. PLUS I want to type more like I talk in real life or tweet. I want to be able to ramble about some crazy recipe I found online. I want to be able to rant/rave about something I found online about self esteem, health and/or body image that makes me annoyed/happy.  I want to post silly pix of the pets. I want to post about my plans/goals/downfalls about becoming as healthy as I possibly can. I want to post about my fears and accomplishments with getting back to running. I want to post my hooping playlists. I want to channel Lorelai Gilmore on days when that makes the most sense.

I will definitely not post every single detail of my life. That’s not me.

I want to be that person who when someone meets they say that I’m just like my blog. A huge thing? Can be. Just keep in mind that I babble when caught off guard and may not make total sense. (See Gilmore Girls mention above.)

So welcome to the new Can’t Survive on Yarn Alone.  There’s a  imaginary cup of tea waiting for you to arrive and a sticky roller to remove the pet hair on your way out.

Currently rocking out to: Glee The music: Volume One


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